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US Customer 17 May 2016

I've been running for a little over 3 years now and have had several different arm bands for my mobile devices. I have to say, this is one of the most comfortable and highest quality arm bands I have ever used. I have tried to use the "cheaper" ones from amazon but ended up regretting it and returning it the very next day. My overall experience with Armpocket has been nothing but great and, for what itís worth, I highly recommend their arm bands. I feel that itís worth every penny.

US Customer 2 May 2016

I wanted a way to carry my phone, house key and ID while I was running. This product is exactly what I needed. It fits well and stays put while running. It's a high quality product. It's worth the money.

Wanttorunfast 7 Mar 2016


"Love this arm band!!! This is the second one I have purchased from Armpocket. I had one with my iPhone 5. When I bought my iPhone 6s, I tried a couple of other cheaper brands, and that is all they were, cheap. They just do not last. Armpocket is by far the most comfortable. I have run a couple of races with this armband, and I put my phone and keyless entry remote in the Armpocket and even chapstick. All fit very comfortably and I didn't even realize I had so many items in the band. The key did weigh it down a little bit, but was worth it to not have to carry the key anywhere else. And as a female runner, for some reason, our running clothes never seem to have pockets big enough for keys. These just hold up so well! You need to try it out!Ē